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Frequently Asked Questions 

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Barefoot Beach Bride to host your upcoming wedding.  We would like to take this time provide you with some information on how to plan your wedding with Barefoot Beach Bride.


There are so many decisions to make. Where will we have our wedding?  Do we want a destination wedding or stay in our town?  How much will it cost? How do we start to plan a wedding?  Who will decorate?  Who will oversee all the details?  How do we find the best reliable vendors? 

Who will we Invite?

Do to the high demand of questions before deciding to plan a destination wedding, we have put together a list of common questions. Hopefully this will answer your question and allow you to make the decision to plan a destination wedding with Barefoot Beach Bride.  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us phone 443-614-8542 or email

Do you want a ceremony only?  Ceremony with Dinner?  Ceremony with reception?

Review the Package details to determine which package is best for the vision you have of your wedding. 

How do I get more information from Barefoot Beach Bride 
Complete the contact us form or Call 443-614-8542 for date and time availability.

Please have a date or a range of dates. 

We plan weddings 7 days a week, so we have availability throughout the weekdays if you are flexible.  

Keep in mind that Friday & Saturday sunset ceremonies are the first to be booked.


The most popular times of the year for a wedding on the beach in this area is Mid-April through Early October.

How do we get a quote for a reception/ dinner?

Complete the Contact Us Form and Submit. 

Do you handle the receptions?

Yes, we do.  All Details are listed under package descriptions. We book all the vendors, set up and clean-up at the end of your event.


Where are you located?

We are located in Ocean City Maryland.

We service Ocean City Maryland only.

Why should we choose your company?

Coming into 2020, we have been doing weddings for over 26 years and beach pre-designed weddings for 8 years.


We have Happily Married 1000+ couples. BBB Owner Jodie Noonan, has received international awards as one of the 50 top wedding planners in the world and named the Top Wedding Planner in the North East. 

We at Barefoot Beach Bride offer quality service with integrity.


We are here for you from the first phone call or e-mail to your wedding day.

See our about us page.


We are traveling and not able to come down before the wedding, what will the ceremony and or reception look like?

Do know only 10% of the couples we have planned wedding for have met with us prior to the day of their wedding? 


We know you will be putting a lot of trust in Barefoot Beach Bride to make your wedding beautiful and run flawlessly. 

We work hard to offer pre-designed decorations for your ceremony/reception. 

You can see what style you want and know what it will look like without having a vision and on the day of your wedding being disappointed with the final outcome.

We post pictures on Facebook and Instagram so you can see all the different wedding and ideas. 

Please follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

We know not everyone have a Facebook account.  You can google barefoot beach bride and open the Facebook page to review our images.  

Can we meet with you?

Yes, we do offer office appointments and will take you to the venue.  


We do have an actual location/office. 5901 Coastal Hwy Suite A Ocean City MD 

Most of the wedding companies are home-based. 


The Beach Wedding business is our only "business".

We live & our office is in Ocean City Md. We know the vendors in the area and save you time and the stress of going place to place trying to put your wedding details together. You will also have a piece of mind when the traffic is backed up or the bridges are down, we are here and will not be late or miss your wedding.  

Feel free to check references with any vendors in the area as well as our google & wedding wire to see what former

Barefoot Beach Brides have to say about their "Special Day".

We are passionate about planning weddings and enjoy what we do and are extremely humbled by the success.


Is Barefoot Beach Bride Inc. licensed and insured? 

Yes, we are and any legal wedding company should be able to provide a copy of City/ County Business licenses,

as well as liability insurance certificate. Proof of these documents are posted in our office location.


How soon should we reserve our date and time?

As soon you have selected your date!  This will insure that your date is saved.

First confirm your wedding date and time with us by email or phone 443-614-8542


Go to the book now on this website.  Complete the form, make your first payment. BBB will save your date and start planning your wedding. 

We accept Debit cards and any major credit card through on secure online payment and booking system. 

Once payment is received you will start receiving emails, to set up your on-line planning pod & planning forms.

What service do you offer?

We offer pre-designed wedding packages from an officiant performing your wedding ceremony and vow exchange on the beach to the larger ceremony with decorations, dinners to the receptions. We consider our wedding beach casual.  If you want a formal ballroom wedding, we can also assist you with planning in a larger ballroom location.  Please review our package page to determine which pre-designed package is best for you.

We also offer Custom Weddings from planning, design to executing.


Do you offer Same Sex wedding services?

Yes, we have ceremony/vow exchanges for same sex weddings.


Do you offer vow Renewals?

Yes, we have done vow renewals from the couple only most of the time using the Officiate to the Ceremony and Reception.  There are no discount for a vow renewal . 

How much will it cost to plan our wedding with Barefoot Beach Bride? 

All our weddings are priced as a package, this will save you hundreds of dollars on all the details that it will take to plan your wedding and have all the professionals it takes to make your wedding unforgettable and stress free.  Dinner and receptions packages are prices based on your estimated guest count.  We will prepare a proposal.  Final guest counts will be due 35 days prior to your wedding at this time your final payment will be changed based on your final guest count. 
Cake, flowers and additional service price are available to you once you once you have booked with BBB. 

We do try and work within your wedding budget, we will need to know what is important to you and what we can take out or make changes to.  We do allow you to provide your photographer, officiant, cake and some other items.  The package price will be adjusted slightly.


How many guest may we have?

We have NO LIMIT  on the number of guest you have for your ceremony packages

other than the Officiant Only which is up to 8 guest.

50 minimum guest for receptions. 

If you elect to add chairs the price will be $5 per chair plus $125.00 delivery and set-up .  

There is no extra charge for you guest count with our ceremony packages.

Do you pick the location for the ceremony or do we?

The location is our choice.  We will assign your location at time of booking based on what other wedding we have on the date you have chosen.  We always set-up on Public Ocean Side Beach unless you have requested a private area.  Private areas do have an additional fee starting at $750.00 .  Some week days we are little more flexible to move the location closer to your hotel.

There may be an additional travel fee for “beach location change”. The fee is based upon the services requested.

Some of the locations do charge a fee for the use of the beach as well as a "Special Use Permit"...

These fees are NOT included in any of the Barefoot Beach Bride Wedding Packages"

Ocean City Public Beaches

*** Permits are Required for Weddings **

Barefoot Beach Bride will complete and file the public beach permit

Are rehearsals included?  

Yes, it is a phone Rehearsal. We will schedule a phone conference the week of your wedding 
to review your wedding details.

Keep in mind your timeline is for you to review and answer questions for your wedding party, family and friends. 

You will have a coordinator on the beach and the reception room to execute all the details.


What happens if it rains?

 “Positive Thinking” with a backup plan.  Please keep in mind we are not mother Nature, we have no control over the weather but have to think about the safety of you, your guest and our team.

We will do everything possible to attempt to have your ceremony on the beach.
1.    Move the time if possible.

2.    Change the date when possible.

We offer an inside location that may have a $200.00 fee, where there is an arbor set up with a small chapel feel.  However, when possible if you have a "back-up" location we may be able to come to you.


When having The Ceremony with Reception package the ceremony will be moved inside to the reception/dinner location.

You may want to consider WEDDING INSURANCE see your insurance company for details or search the web for companies.


Will there be other people on the beach?

Yes.  All beaches in the State of Maryland are Public BeachesWe cannot “rope off” any part of the beach.

There are obviously certain times of the year when the beaches have more beach goers than others.

Even “in season” the Families are usually beginning to “pack up” and start leaving the beach around 4:30. 


Then there are usually couples going for strolls along the beach.  Many of them “watch” from a distance. 

There are some areas that are less populated than others we avoid the board area.  In all of the weddings that we have done we haven’t had any interference with beach goers.


Who performs the ceremony?

We provide an experienced beach wedding Officiate, most of the time it's Jodie.

Non-Denominational Reverends


Can we bring our own Officiate?

Certainly, as long as he/she is Ordained or a Notary for the State of MD.

They are responsible for completing and filing your marriage paper work.  If BBB has to complete and file there is no discounts given. 


Can we write our own vows?
Yes, we encourage couples to be creative. We also provide you with different vows to choose from upon receiving your first payment.

When couples write their own vows we suggest you read your vows. 


This is more personal and does not sound right being repeated after the Officiate.


Can we have a friend read a poem?

Yes, you can have a Friend/ Family member read a poem, sing, or lead in prayer.


Who takes the photographs?

All of our packages include our staff photographers. They will take pictures prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony and all portraits

(group, bridal party, family, bride and groom) after the ceremony. It usually takes 30 minutes for photo-shoot.


Then a link to your gorgeous pictures will be emailed to you within 4-6 weeks (our processing time) from your photographer. 

Couples will receive a download of ALL the images with a photo release.

The option to purchase packages, albums or prints from the photographer once you have previewed your picture link.

We strive to provide our clients with quality photos... however weather conditions may affect the outcome. 

If you are scheduled for a sunset wedding and arrive more than 15 minutes late we may not be able to take the amount of photos in

package... there will be NO adjustment on costs.


Can we bring our own Photographer/ videographer?

Yes, we will deduct $150.00 off your package price. Ceremony/Reception Packages will be receiving a $700.00 deduction.

We will not be responsible for the photographer timeline.  Please note you are responsible for communication with your photographer, timeline, location ect. The Decor set will be taken down 1 hour from wedding start time.

When inquiring with an outside Professional Photographer, be sure to ask about reprints.


Can we bring our own decorations for the beach?

Yes, you may, we have an allotted amount of time to set up and prepare for your ceremony or reception.

You will be required to work around Barefoot Beach Bride’s time.

*** Our insurance DOES NOT cover any decoration/ services other than our own**


Do you provide music?

Yes.  Music is an ala carte item.


The processional and recessional music is provided by you or you may use or wedding music no special request available. 

You may play as many songs as you would like.

You can also provide live music, harpist, violinist, cellist, guitarist, etc.

Our Ceremony and reception packages does include the DJ for your reception.


If we use your DJ what style music do, they play?

The DJ will contact you the week of your wedding and review the style music you want.


You will select the songs you want for the First dance, parent dance, cake cutting ect.  

During the reception your friends and family can request songs they would like played throughout the night.


Can we Bring our own DJ?

Yes, you may bring your own DJ. 


You will be responsible for communicating with your DJ.  They have to work with our timeline.  

Do you provide chairs?

Yes, each package has a few chairs provided, however if you want additional chairs we have chairs available on the ala carte list.


Chairs are $5.00 per chair up to 20 chairs. 

Over 20 chairs will be charged a delivery and set up fee starting at $125.00, delivery/set-up cost will go up over 100 chairs.

However, keep in mind that most of the guests will have a camera/camcorder in hand and do not sit in the chairs provided.  

We do not recommend having a chair for each guest.  


Chairs for immediate Family or for any elderly guests. You may want chairs for family or guests with health problems.


Are Wheel Chairs Available?

Ocean City does have beach wheelchair for use with advance notice.

We always set-up on Street that are handicap beach.  Ocean City provides great beach mats for walking or pushing wheel chiars on all Handicap streets. 

There are beach wheel chairs available from Memorial day to Labor day up to 5pm. 

You will get the chairs through the lifeguard on the beach.

Beach Wheel Chairs are also available through the Tourism office and Police Station, for time past 5pm. You are responsible for contacting, reserving, picking up and delivering the wheel chairs.


How do we order Bouquets for our wedding party?


We have Thistle Flower Bar which is located in our location

they offer pre-designed bouquets that you can order through us once you have contracted with us.


We do accept custom orders.  You will send a picture and how many you need.  We will get back to you with a quote. 

Once approved we will add to your account Summary for you to pay 30 days prior to the wedding date. 

The florist will deliver to you.


Can we have cake even if we are not doing a dinner or reception with you?

Yes, once you have contract a ceremony package you can order your wedding cake through us.  

We do accept custom orders.  You will send a picture and how many you need.  We will get back to you with a quote. 


Once approved we will add to your account Summary for you to pay 30 days prior to the wedding date. 

The baker will deliver to you.

NO CAKE ON THE BEACH, seagulls love to add themselves as guest when there is food. 


How do we schedule for hair and make-up?

We work with a local company that will travel to your location. 

Once you have contracted you will receive their contact information on this website client access page. 


You will contact them and schedule your appointment directly with them.  

How do we obtain the Marriage license?

You are getting Married in Worcester County Maryland. The License has to be issued through Worcester County.

Both of you do not have to be present to apply in person, at the Clerk of the Court in Worcester County.


You will receive the marriage license the same day.

There is a 48 hour waiting period once you have received your license and expires in 6 months of the issue Date.

The fee is $35.00. The amount is not part of your Contract.

We recommend you visit or Call 410-632-5500/ 1-800-340-0691 for questions and about the forms you need to bring with you.  

You may be able to start the license process through your local court house. 


(Once you have contracted with Barefoot Beach Bride) we will give you the detail on how to go to your local court house.  


What happens to license after the ceremony?

The following business day of the marriage BBB will mail the license to the Worcester County Clerk of the court. (if providing your own 
officiant, they are responsible for completing and filing)

The Clerks’ office will then mail the couple the one certified copy. 

Should the couple still be in town the next business day. They can return the license in person and receive the certified copy right there on the spot.


When can we register to use the forms?

Once you have paid your first payment and submitted the book now form on this website.   You will be given a password and user name to register for the forms. 


Once you have been authorized access to the forms you may start completing all the details by completing the forms


What happens if we have to postpone?

Any payments will be applied to your new date within 1 year of the original date.  Payment are nontransferable or refundable.


What happens if we have to cancel?

All payments are non-refundable. 


If you paid in full at the time of booking you will be refunded the difference of the appropriate payments along with any other costs incurred of the amount paid in full.

If you cancel less than 120 days prior to your wedding date- all monies paid will be forfeited.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to call us 443-614-8542 or

send us an email

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