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Event Planner

Hiring A Personalized Wedding Planner When Time Is Limited

If you are going to be getting married, you have most likely been thinking about all the planning you need to do for your big day. One way to relieve stress, especially if you have limited time, is to hire a Personalized Wedding Planner to help. At Barefoot Beach Bride in Ocean City, Maryland, we have over twenty employees ready to assist with planning all the details of your wedding so it runs smoothly from start to finish. There are many package plans to select from. Take a look at our price lists on our website and pick out a plan that meets your needs. We can then make additions to this package as needed. The details you select will help us plan where you should hold your wedding. We will send you this information for your approval. The details that your Personalized Wedding Planner keeps for you is uploaded so you can access it online to check the progress. Take a look at our website for more information.

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